March 4th, 2006


Because No one else has done it...

Here be's the latest info from da Newsbunny: From the Newsdesk :
Melora has been writing songs. Zoe has been touring solo. Jonathon
has been performing and composting.

Rasputina will record a new album in April or so. It won't be released until months later, because that is how those things go. No one knows why it takes so long, but who are we to question why?

Hard as it is to believe, at times, real life overtakes Melora and she must deal with dull tasks and melodramatic tragedies in quick succession, with no end in sight as to the end of such yawning, fearful drudgery and injustice! Bear with her as she manages to squeak out 40 minutes of mysterious new music, against all odds, as per usual. Field trips and ballet lessons aside, how does she do it? Let's ask her:

How do you do it?
M: (laughs) I don't know. I never think I can do it, then somehow I do it.

Is it hard being a mother and a singer/songwriter/cellist artist?
M: (laughs) Yes, it is. I'm forcing my daughter to go into massage therapy. She's a prodigy!

How do you feel when you're writing a song?
M: It is much-needed escapism for me. I get out of my own Melora-head and get this crazy feeling like I'm doing auditory redactive sculpture. The song exists somewhere in it's final, perfect form and it's up to me to scrape away the excess and fit the pieces of the puzzle together. (laughs)

Don't you find it distracting that the U.S. has turned into a fascistic dictatorship and we're all one step away from some kind of sick concentration camp for debtors and dissenters?
M: (frowns) Yes, I do find that quite distracting. But sometimes, when I think of the reality and nearness of catastrophic climate change, I can forget about the fascist America thing for a minute. Then I am able to finish the new song I'm writing about catastrophic climate change in fascist America or whatever.

Well, thanks for speaking with us, Melora! (nervous laugh
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