Toothbrush Almighty (rasputina_nut) wrote in dig_ophelia,
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Ha...I'm gonna bring this thing back to life even if it kills meh got my rasputina shirt a few weeks's pretty and i've wanted it for a while...but it is soo boring, and i wanna make it pretty! i'd start with cutting the sleeves somehow..but after that i got no clue what to do to it! any suggestions?

ps:it's the one that is black with the eye...
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ooh. it would be cool to have a rasputina shirt.
it took forever to get here, but it was worth it.
give it a scoop neck and cut some slashes in the front
hmmm...sure! thanx
I think you can add many things on it, like ribbons, lace... You should try to give it a pretty form ^^ I've draw this for you, maybe it can help you, if you're a good dressmaker ! ^___^ I'm not XD but I believe it's possible to realize. (Please don't post my art in other place while your saying it's yours)
i wouldn't...don't worry^^ besides...that's a damn good idea...thank you^^